Food delivery mobile app

Dates:  December 2015 - June 2016

Section:  Business

Technologies:  Android SDK, iOS SDK, Xamarin (C#)

iOS and Android apps for a take-away restaurant integrated with an existing web-site - - via API. The apps are written in C#/Xamarin.

Main Functions:

  • Pick items from the menu
  • Check-out
  • History to make repeated ordering easy
  • Information on specials, delivery and payment option. 

Technical Features:

  • The app needs to be online to exchange data with the web service
  • Only vertical (portrait) screen orientation is supported
  • Maximum number of items in an order is 99
  • The app remembers the last entered user data (name and phone number) and fills them in under the next order automatically
  • If the app is closed with some items in an incomplete order, it will put them in the cart automatically upon restart