Powerful website builder

Dates:  September 2002 - in progress

Section:  Business

Technologies:  AJAX, C++, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, SOAP, XSLT

Full-featured DYI system for the US market that lets you, without programming, create web sties having the following functionality: - Multiple pages - Multiple navigation menus, including nested ones - Flexible page layout, with an ability to place different module components (product lists, shopping cart, feedback forms, blogs etc.) and a WYSIWYG editor for text blocks on a page - E-commerce module, user databases, and ad module support; with an ability to link arbitrarily these modules with each other - Unlimited number of products and users in respective modules - Customized fields for objects of any kind - Payment gateways and shipping systems integration - SEO-friendly architecture, including pseudo static pages for products and product categories - Any many other.