Ticket scanner for MAX, 649, and 49 Canadian lotteries

Dates:  May 2015 - in progress

Section:  Entertainment

Technologies:  Android SDK, GCM

Easy-to-use Android app to scanner lotto tickets, auto recognize numbers and check them agains lottery results. Works in Ontario and Quebec provinces, Canada. 

Technical Features:

  • Native Android app
  • Web service is written in PHP and utilizes GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)
  • Processing data for winning numbers is made with cloud service that parses the official lottery site and sends data back to the mobile app

Main Functions:

  • Scanning lotto tickes
  • Machine recognition of the numbers, draw date, and lottery type
  • History for scanned tickets
  • Check the ticket for winning numbers for past draws
  • Push notifications that a draw has occured for new draws