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Have been doing custom software development since 1999. Portfolio includes 100+ successfully completed projects

Areas of major expertise: web services, mobile apps, mobile sites

Offer a full cycle of services:
  • Identifying customer's needs
  • Design and graphics 
  • Development and QA
  • Posting to App Store and Google Play
  • Support

Below a little more details on what we do. For every type of software, it's brief outline, typical functions and business needs they address are given.

Web services

Also known as “cloud services”,  provide services online. Often they are tied to mobile components. The user needs a web browser or a mobile app to work with such systems. Examples:

  • B2C web services: flight ckeck-ins, hotel registrations, and purchasing goods. 
  • B2B web services: CRM, ERP, and the like.

Mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

  • Increase sales thanks to better customer involvement  and retainment. Typical functions include purchases, getting customer support, and the like. 
  • Lower expenses by automating work of company's in-field employees - sales reps, engineers, and auditors. Typical tasks include gathering and processing data on-the-go, real-time communication with the back-office.

Mobile websites

  • Websites in general are best suited to attract new customers.  
  • Mobile versions of sites are a must for successful presence on the market, since more and more people use smartphones and tablets. The trend is so strong that Google, starting April 21 this year, changed the search result display in favor of mobile friendly websites. This way if mobile optimization was a bonus for web pages before, now it directly affects their search rank.