Home 3D for iPad

Home 3D-modelling

Dates:  September 2009 - July 2010

Section:  Business

Technologies:  Artwork, iOS SDK

Chosen by THE SUNDAY TIMES as one of the best apps of all time - two years in a row! ABC-News calls it - "one of the best 3D modeling apps available"

Home 3D is the FIRST & ORIGINAL 3D interior design app. Don't be fooled by other inferior apps that took our name for a ride.

Home 3D is the ultimate mobile tool for architects, home remodeling enthusiasts, interior designers and design hobbyists. Build your dream home in seconds, and take a stunning 3D virtual tour inside it!

Home 3D is built around three simple steps:

 1. Layout - Add and position rooms in your floor plan.

 2. Interior - Place furniture, fixtures and appliances in each of the rooms.

 3. 3D - Take a virtual tour of your dream home and set the materials for the floors and walls.