Video production automation system

Dates:  September 2009 - July 2014

Section:  Business

Technologies:  AJAX, ASP.NET, AWS, C++, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, XSLT

SaaS-based, project management and enterprise resources planning solution for the video production sector. TheTakes addresses critical challenges in planning, management, communications, and monitoring across all stages of TV/Film production.

Offers the following crucial benefits over competing products:

  • Simple and fast to get going. Unlike on-premises solutions, no setup and customization required. Customers able to start using TheTakes right away.
  • Affordable pricing. Pay-as-you-go revenue model. No big upfront costs.
  • Software Maintenance included in the monthy subscription.
  • Scalability. Under the SaaS model achieved without incurring additional fixed costs. Which makes it extremely appealing to SMBs.
  • Advanced functionality, comparable to large enterprise-level systems.
  • Real-time off-site collaboration between users.