Carnival Shooting Range

Extremely addictive classic Shooting Gallery game

Dates:  January 2010 - April 2010

Section:  Entertainment

Technologies:  Artwork, iOS SDK

Extremely addictive classic Shooting Gallery game for your iPhone and iPod touch. This fantastic game allows you to play in two different modes - shoot moving targets by touching the screen or tilt device to take aim. In the TOUCH AIMING mode just touch the screen to shoot and don't forget to reload. You can hit a moving figure or a small red-and-white target, precise target shooting provides higher score. Smaller targets also give higher score. Good shooting buys you extra time. Ready! Aim! Fire! The TILT AIMING mode provides a greater challenge - it uses the accelerometer for aiming! Tilt the device to aim and tap the screen to shoot. A very good time killer! Try to beat the clock! Original high quality graphics, sounds and music. Online hall of fame coming in the next version.