Exchange your photos with nesting dolls

Dates:  November 2009 - August 2010

Section:  Entertainment

Technologies:  iOS SDK

With Matryoshka you can easily create and share beautiful virtual Matryoshka dolls (also known as ‘nesting dolls’ or 'Babushkas') from your iPhone's camera or picture library. A doll made from your family photos, nested inside each other, or a series of dolls encapsulating your latest trip, Matryoshka allows you to quickly create amazing looking personal e-dolls and send them as a digital postcard via email. Create as many dolls as you like and arrange them on shelves for your personal collection, just like in a real souvenir shop. Add beautiful skin artwork, drawn by top classic and modern artists specifically for Matryoshka, and capture your best moments on adorable virtual wooden nested dolls. Select a skin from our growing theme library to wrap your photos with, or just have your photo cover the Matryoshka. Watch as the photo is automatically wrapped around the doll, and align it with simple finger gestures. You can always save your creation and return to edit it later, for example when you're on a trip, where every so often you get a great new photo to add. Visit the inspiration shelf freely distributed with this app to get ideas of new awesome ways to display your photos. Tap any doll in your collection to view it up close. Swipe your finger across the screen to play with its components. Choose an arrangement for your Matryoshka before sending it as a lovely digital postcard. Surprise a loved one with his or her photos on a professional looking nested doll in an e-card.