Hundred Pushups Challenge

Insane pushup challenge

Dates:  August 2012 - August 2012

Section:  Life style

Technologies:  iOS SDK

You've done the 100 Pushups Challenge, now enter the Insane Asylum and dare to try the Insane Pushup Challenge. To escape from this hell just complete 36,500 pushups in 365 days (or less). Every day you will receive a push notification (at the time of your choosing) asking you to enter the Asylum and do pushups. If you can only do a few pushups at a time no worries. You can enter as many sessions per day as you'd like and Insane Pushup Challenge keeps track. The stats page will keep track of how many pushups you've done, how many you've got to do to be released from the asylum, and your average per day. Once you've completed the challenge you'll exit with a surprise. Take a screen shot and e-mail me via the e-mail icon on the app's home screen.